Education News 2014

1.9.14     2014, When All Kids’ Performance Were Supposed To Be Equal

1.16.14   Stranded in the Land of Over-Stimulated Kids

1.23.14   The Education Non-System Sets Kids Up for Failure

1.30.14   It Takes Guts To Depict A Healthy, Happy Childhood

2.6.14    Common Core Math Expectations Are Only A Baseline

2.13.14  Determined Parents Start A School For Atypical Kids

2.20.14  Expeditionary Learning – Journeying Through Compelling Content

2.27.14  Graduating From High School With Great Work Habits

5.8.14    The Educational Use and Abuse of Shame

5.15.14  Colorado Cuts School Exclusions, Racial Disparities Persist

5.29.14  Unplugged Elementary Kids and Online Tests Don’t Mix

6.5.14    Juvenile Prison Stats Reveal American Attitudes Towards Kids

6.12.14  The Inspirational Virtues of Summer Boredom

6.19.14  Seniority and Tenure, the Absence of Human Decision-Making

6.26.14  Restorative Conferencing Changes Rotten Behavior

7.3.14    Rhode Island Legislates Low Expectations

7.10.14  Survival on Urban Mean Streets at Odds with School Success

7.17.14  The First School District to Put Itself Out of Business

7.24.14  Juvenile Justice Is Not Only Blind, But Deaf

5-part series on Leed’s, England, a Child-Friendly City:

8.7.14    Healthy Families Spawn Healthy Economic Conditions

8.14.14  What Is a Child-Friendly City? Why Should We Care?

8.21.14  The Beauty Of Helping People Feel They’ve Been Heard

8.29.14  Child-Friendly Cities Are the Goal, Restoration Is the ‘How’

9.5.14    Children and Youth Voices are a Wealth of Information

9.11.14   We’re Crippling Our Kids with Fear

9.18.14   Rebuilding Broken Trust in a College Community

9.25.14   To End School-to-Prison Pipeline, Focus on Mental Health

10.2.14   Politicians, How Are Your Constituent Children?

10.9.14   Create More Disciplinary Options Than just Suspensions and Cops

10.23.14  Teaching Kids To Manage Their Own Behavior

10.30.14  Trauma and the Growing Number of Hard-to-Manage Kids

11.6.14    5 Smart Ideas for Reducing the Effects of Kids’ Trauma

11.13.14   A Fabulous Question Rescues a Teen’s Life

11.27.14   Family Dinner is All About Learning to Get Along

12.4.14    Circles of Support,’ Socialization Reduce Sex Offender Recidivism

12.11.14   Maintaining Good Relationships is Inconvenient

12.18.14   Statewide Teachers Contract Will Not Achieve Peace

12.25.14   Merry Christmas!

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