Education News 2013

1.3.13    Inquiring minds want to know science

1.10.13  Overcoming the Tyranny of the High School Schedule

1.17.13  Equity or Excellence in Vocational Education

1.24.13  Michelle Rhee Throws Gas On Ed Reform Hostilities

1.31.13  Time to Change Rhode Island’s Pink-Slip Policy

2.7.13    5th Graders Having a Blast with Algebra

2.14.13  The Man Who Made Algebra Child’s Play

2.21.13  The Diverse Schools Dilemma

2.28.13  Students Can Take More Responsibility for Success on State Tests

3.7.13    Rhode Island, Raise Your Rock-Bottom Expectations

3.14.13  Tech Teacher Wins New York City’s Startup Weekend Edu

3.21.13  Computer Science Dazzles Students, Boosts Achievement

3.28.13  We’ll Never Achieve STEM Goals Without Computer Science

4.4.13   Schools Making Minorities into the Serfs of the Information Age

4.11.13  At Last! A Computer Science Course for All Kids

4.18.13  A Playworker from the UK Explains His Work, Passion

4.25.13  Vengeance Against Boston Bombers Won’t Aid Healing

5.2.13    There Is No Health Without Mental Health

5.9.13    Thank Good Mothers for Licking Their Little Rats

5.16.13  School Recess Is Good For Kids’ Mental Health

5.23.13  Public Schools Owe Neglected Kids More Than Academics

5.30.13  A ‘Forest Kindergarten’ Grows Great Kids

6.6.13  ‘Our School Culture Kicks Butt’

6.13.13   The Importance of Having a Father

6.20.13  Great Communities Are Healthy and Healing Places

6.27.13  Be Careful About What You Want and How You Measure It

7.4.13    Best Beach Reading, ‘How Children Succeed’ by Paul Tough

7.11.13  Meet the Class of 2013 Through Child Trends’ Lens

7/18/13  Why ‘Bad’ Moms Still Should Parent Their Kids

7.25.13  Bringing Kids In Trouble Back From The Brink

8.1.13    Puberty, The Elephant in the Middle School Classroom

8.22.13  Pressure To Inflate Grades Kills Rigor and Honest Feedback

8.29.13  Poll Shows 62% of US Clueless About Public Education

9.5.13    News Flash, Attending School Helps Students Pass Tests

9.12.13  Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans

9.19.13  It’s Building Kids’ Vocabulary, Stupid

9.26.13  Extreme Efforts Get Kids into Functional Families

10.3.13  If Only Congress Could Get a Divorce

10.10.13  We Are Raising A Generation Of Slackers

10.17.13  Economy Tells Youth to Make Their Own Jobs

10.24.13  In US Schools, ‘Incorrect Answers are Un-American’

10.31.13  Computer Science is Critical Thinking on Steroids

11.7.13    Teach Real Algebra Instead of Wasting Time with Fun Apps

11.14.13  Toys ‘R’ Us Uses Kids to Push Their Products

11.21.13  What Is International Restorative Justice Week?

11.28.13  Giving Thanks for What’s Left of Childhood Magic

12.5.13    Digital Badges Bust Out of School-Defined Learning

12.12.13  Common Core Standards Totally Freak Out Chicken Littles

12.19.13  If Common Core Isn’t Our Common Vision, What Is?

12.26.13  The Season’s Message – Love Heals

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