Education News 2012

1.5.12     Will bureaucratic evaluation systems nourish great teaching?

1.12.12   Teachers’ angry comments can stop education in its tracks

1.19.12   K-12 task force helped Westerly triumph over dismal science scores

1.25.12   Learning to write teaches Westerly students science

2.1.12     Chronic absenteeism reveals and causes problems

2.9.12     Is trauma the root cause of major misbehavior?

2.16.12   Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School part I

2.23.12   Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School part II

3.2.12     AMSA Charter School part III:  the myth of the dot-com bust

3.8.12     AMSA Charter School part IV:  where academic subjects work together

3.15.12   Girl Scouts celebrate 100 years

3.22.12   AP might breathe life into dying art of research papers

3.29.12   Woonsocket schools slash budget drastically

4.5.12    Charter educates all kids, including special needs

4.12.12   Parents must fight for kids’ right to recess

4.20.12   University Park campus models urban education

4.26.12   Questions, not answers, help University Park kids think deeply

5.3.12     Grand rounds support teacher learning, quality

5.10.12   National Congress of Mothers talked honestly about motherhood

5.17.12   A Focus on brain development, relationships pays off

5.24.12   Let’s pull down walls between school districts

5.31.12   If parents want graduates, raise resilient kids

6.7.12    Comforting a child is a basic life skill

6.14.12   Every kid wants a dad in his or her life

6.22.12   Rich school opportunities reduce poverty of experience

6.28.12   Let kids outside for long-lasting learning

7.19.12   Stranger danger is a uniquely american insanity

7.26.12   Boring neighborhoods mean boring childhoods

8.2.12     Eliminating risks for kids kills important learning

8.9.12     Testing for fun at school would improve achievement

8.16.12   Algebra can be taught as basic software programming

8.30.12   Our punitive mindset blinds us to effective discipline

9.6.12     Rhode Island’s top elementary school and its secret weapon

9.13.12   Parent trigger laws add new weapon in education reform wars

9.21.12   A struggling urban school district turns to charters for help

9.28.12   Get creative with private school vouchers

10.4.12   Common core snubs literature, loves ‘informational text’

10.11.12  What does a flourishing, healthy, competent kid look like?

10.22.12  Dreary American education goals yield dreary results

10.25.12  The moral dilemma of teaching submissive habits to poor kids

11.1.12    Kicking the nasty habit of zero tolerance

11.8.12    When a school makes itself useful to business

11.15.12  Death takes a whack at priorities

11.23.12  Give thanks, for God’s sake

11.29.12  The jury’s in, screen time hurts little kids

12.7.12    The sad, sweet intimacy of a second death

12.13.12   Vocational ed connects kids to real, paying futures

12.20.12   Do not succumb to fear

12.27.12   Put kids’ mental health at the center of education

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