Education News 2011

6.1.11     Education will improve when we get serious about taking better care of kids

6.9.11     The excellent school-choice movement accidently leaves vulnerable children behind

6.16.11    Fathers are often discounted as critical to their kids’ success

6.30.11    Best preparation for learning is play

7.7.11     Weekly circles bring kids closer to adults and each other

7.14.11    How a woman’s childhood experience grew into prepare tomorrow’s parents

7.21.11    The only federal funding for parents?  Gone.

7.28.11    “Community conference” tames rage, teaches tough lesson

8.4.11       Helping men become terrific dads, co-parents

8.11.11     All moms can learn the megaskills of parenting

8.18.11     Punitive testing is educational bullying

8.25.11     Kids love building their own worlds from junk

9.1.11      ‘Mommy, I do it myself’ and Pink’s motivation

9.8.11      Teacher quality matters, but there’s more

9.15.11     A union giant converts to school reform

9.22.11     Help kids find a voice, then work on writing mechanics

9.29.11     Rattled teachers renew confidence, love of the craft

10.6.11     Accuplacer exam can kill college careers

10.13.11   Ron Wolk, how education resources waste minds

10.20.11   Persistently low-performing schools need more options from the feds

10.27.11   Face it: helping all kids graduate requires a second shift of supportive adults.

11.3.11     Terrific school morale improves math scores

11.9.11     Ed tech ignorance wastes millions each year

11.17.11    Most kids way ahead of us as digital learners, for better and worse

11.24.11   Children learn social skills at Thanksgiving

12.1.11     Nixing managed risk of childhood play produces wimps

12.8.11    ‘Tis the season to reexamine kick-out culture

12.15.11   We’re on the verge of protecting kids into incompetence

12.21.11   A social studies project lets us peek through windows into 3rd grade lives

12.29.11  The most educational toys are completely free, or mostly

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