What If South Carolina’s Body-Slammed Teen Had Been Treated Restoratively?

Published by EducationNews.org — There may be no good excuse for disrupting class, but a punitive response can just exacerbate the problem. Restorative practices are simple tools for handling conflict in ways that maximize the possibility of a happy ending.  The practices are habits of the mind and heart.  So let’s revisit last October’s nasty incident atContinue reading “What If South Carolina’s Body-Slammed Teen Had Been Treated Restoratively?”

Teachers Must Be Mindful of Traumatized Children

Published by EducationNews.org — Misbehavior may seem like a choice, like willful defiance.  But sometimes it’s a cry for help. Today we’re in the brightly painted library of an urban elementary school.  It’s the last day of professional development before the summer officially ends.  The faculty are still in shorts and sandals.  While they sigh over howContinue reading “Teachers Must Be Mindful of Traumatized Children”

5 Smart Ideas for Reducing the Effects of Kids’ Trauma

Published by EducationNews.org — Kids will only care about how their behavior affects others when they feel cared for themselves. Out there — in schools, playgrounds, pediatricians’ offices, neighborhoods and summer camps — are traumatized kids.  Some have witnessed violence in the home, suffered the death of a parent or loved one, lost their home inContinue reading “5 Smart Ideas for Reducing the Effects of Kids’ Trauma”