Thanks to My Sons, Who Got Me Involved in Schools

Published by — Thanksgiving, another basic Restorative Practice. Per tradition, this year at Thanksgiving dinner we’ll go around the table and say what we’re grateful for this year.  Likely many families do this, driven by the mom or whoever is feeling under-appreciated, or wanting to call out the brats for being spoiled. Giving thanks isContinue reading “Thanks to My Sons, Who Got Me Involved in Schools”

Family Dinner is All About Learning to Get Along

Published by — Regular sit-down meals form the foundation of a good education. When my youngest child was a college freshman, he announced that coming home for Thanksgiving was way more trouble than it was worth.  He’d spare us the bother of him and stay at school.  He’s the world’s expert in yanking my chain. Continue reading “Family Dinner is All About Learning to Get Along”

Give Thanks, for God’s Sake!

Published by — Add the ability to be gracious to essential 21st-century skills. Gratitude is a discipline.  Like any other skill, it must be practiced regularly, like piano scales, always aiming for mastery. Educators have developed a short list of 21st-century skills, which do not include the ability to give thanks.  In my currentContinue reading “Give Thanks, for God’s Sake!”