Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans

Published by — For far too long, project-based or “constructivist” learning has been at war with the “drill-and-kill” focus on building skills first.  A balance is best. Five high-school seniors cluster behind a pillar in a lecture hall at Rhode Island College.  Behind them is a movie-sized screen, and in front looms a modest but intimidating stadiumContinue reading “Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans”

Teachers’ Angry Comments Can Stop Education In Its Tracks

Published by — Dr. Martin Haberman, pioneer of the ‘Star Teacher Interview,’ analyzes teacher attitudes — and hurtful words — toward students. At the end of Dr. Martin Haberman’s most recent monograph on teaching is a collection of ugly comments made to actual students. He introduces them: “One of the questions which the (teacher-preparation) trainees are asked inContinue reading “Teachers’ Angry Comments Can Stop Education In Its Tracks”