Teachers Must Be Mindful of Traumatized Children

Published by EducationNews.org — Misbehavior may seem like a choice, like willful defiance.  But sometimes it’s a cry for help. Today we’re in the brightly painted library of an urban elementary school.  It’s the last day of professional development before the summer officially ends.  The faculty are still in shorts and sandals.  While they sigh over howContinue reading “Teachers Must Be Mindful of Traumatized Children”

Teaching Kids To Manage Their Own Behavior

Published by EducationNews.org —  Asking sincerely curious questions about their motives and choices puts the onus on the kids to do some actual thinking. Being held after school for a little straightening out are ten 6th-graders who were involved in one of two incidents.  Three girls were so compulsively talking with each other, they had to beContinue reading “Teaching Kids To Manage Their Own Behavior”

Survival on Urban Mean Streets at Odds with School Success

Published by EducationNews.org — Since 6th grade, she’s been a hair-trigger fighter, as Dad taught her.  But one day early this spring she realized she’d better get with the program. Kaitlyn finds herself in a weird fight with her dad — her beloved dad, I might add.  “I respect him so much.”  But she’s torn between twoContinue reading “Survival on Urban Mean Streets at Odds with School Success”

Juvenile Prison Stats Reveal American Attitudes Towards Kids

Published by EducationNews.org — America’s contempt towards kids who do bad things is unique, internationally. There is no alternative universe where bad kids go and get better.  Period.  Such a place does not exist. Mind you, it’s insane to tolerate classroom or school disruptions, never mind criminal activity among children and youth.  A kid wasting aContinue reading “Juvenile Prison Stats Reveal American Attitudes Towards Kids”

The Educational Use and Abuse of Shame

Published by EducationNews.org — Conscience isn’t innate.  We learn it. Shame.  A feeling we all hate.  A subject we avoid.  Our faces flush when we can suddenly see ourselves being the sort of person even we don’t like.  Guilt is also unpleasant, with regret and remorse about something we did, a hurtful action.  Shame is “IContinue reading “The Educational Use and Abuse of Shame”

Bringing Kids In Trouble Back From The Brink

Published by EducationNews.org — “I believe everyone deserves second chances, and not just college students with clean records.” Eight years ago, Elissa Bellinger was a happy freshman at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She’d never been in trouble, and never expected she would be. But one night she and her roommates hit the bars andContinue reading “Bringing Kids In Trouble Back From The Brink”

Is Trauma the Root Cause of Major Misbehavior?

Pulbished by EducationNews.org — Children endure several different types of trauma, and how we respond has an effect on how students behave in the short and long term. At a recent conference, nearly 600 attendees learned painful lessons about trauma’s effect on the young, developing brain. Dr. James Greer, psychiatrist and Clinical Professor at Brown MedicalContinue reading “Is Trauma the Root Cause of Major Misbehavior?”