Bad Parenting Diseases Spread to Social Services

Published by — Healthy autonomy is not learned in a day.  Parents need to start early. For years I cringed, watching my brother-in-law drive my super-athletic niece to her elementary school.  It was three blocks away, in safe, famously affluent Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside of D.C..  Not so long ago, kids walked to school. Continue reading “Bad Parenting Diseases Spread to Social Services”

Stranger Danger is A Uniquely American Insanity

Published by — The fears that convince parents to keep their kids from free-range summer activities are unwarranted and harmful. It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime!! It’s time for kids to roam the ‘hood and reclaim it as their own.  Time to build forts, dam streams, invent games, and figure out fun excuses for gettingContinue reading “Stranger Danger is A Uniquely American Insanity”