Teach Real Algebra Instead of Wasting Time with Fun Apps

Published by EducationNews.org — “The student-engagement bandwagon has gone too far.” Emmanuel Schanzer majored in Computer-Science at Cornell University.  With such a high-value degree, he knew he could sail into a lucrative, snazzy job.  But he was keenly aware that he was a C.S. hotshot (my word) because he’d entered college with good math skills alreadyContinue reading “Teach Real Algebra Instead of Wasting Time with Fun Apps”

Computer Science is Critical Thinking on Steroids

Published by EducationNews.org — The “modeling” required by computer science is a widely transferable skill. Kathi Fisler has been teaching Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnical Institute for 13 years, a veritable aeon in this young field. “The world wide web came out when I started graduate school in 1991. There were no phones, and whatContinue reading “Computer Science is Critical Thinking on Steroids”

Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans

Published by EducationNews.org — For far too long, project-based or “constructivist” learning has been at war with the “drill-and-kill” focus on building skills first.  A balance is best. Five high-school seniors cluster behind a pillar in a lecture hall at Rhode Island College.  Behind them is a movie-sized screen, and in front looms a modest but intimidating stadiumContinue reading “Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans”

At Last! A Computer Science Course for All Kids

Published by EducationNews.org — Democratize the skills that are now the gateway into the 21st century economy. The classroom reverberates with a lot of boom, bang, thwring, crash!  When the door opens, kids seem to be watching a big-screen video game.  Their 8th-grade computer-science teacher, Patrick Culliname, slips out, quickly shutting the door against theContinue reading “At Last! A Computer Science Course for All Kids”

Schools Making Minorities into the Serfs of the Information Age

Published by EducationNews.org — “Education will only prepare people for life in a democracy when education itself is also democratic.” “Education will only prepare people for life in a democracy when education itself is also democratic.” – John Dewey, in 1916, Democracy and Education. “I think minorities are… are scared, you know, to jump into the (computer-science)Continue reading “Schools Making Minorities into the Serfs of the Information Age”

We’ll Never Achieve STEM Goals Without Computer Science

Published by EducationNews.org —  “Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” — Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Back in the day, the high-tech innovation that rocked my world was a self-correcting typewriter.  Mere keystrokes replaced the black-ink ribbon with a white-out tape so I couldContinue reading “We’ll Never Achieve STEM Goals Without Computer Science”

The Man Who Made Algebra Child’s Play

Published by EducationNews.org — Dr. Henry Borenson wants kids not just to know algebra, but to like it. Dr. Henry Borenson began his career as a math teacher at Stuyvesant High School in New York City.  Like Boston Latin, Stuyvesant uses an exam to cream the best public-school students.  For those smartie pantses, algebra wasContinue reading “The Man Who Made Algebra Child’s Play”

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Science

Pubished by EducationNews.org During their sophomore year, biology students at William M. Davies Career & Technical Center fan out in teams to swab things all over the school. They’re on a quest to address this question:  Since schools are breeding grounds for disease, exactly where would you be most likely to find pathogens, the infectious agents alsoContinue reading “Inquiring Minds Want To Know Science”

Algebra Can Be Taught as Basic Software Programming

Published by EducationNews.org— Creative approaches to algebra — like using computer science and technology — can help improve math education outcomes.   Recently, in the New York Times opinion section, Professor Andrew Hacker asked, Is Algebra Necessary? Surely he knew the educated, newspaper-reading public would revile him for such heresy.  He states obvious truths, however.  Algebra, andContinue reading “Algebra Can Be Taught as Basic Software Programming”

Let Kids Outside for Long-Lasting Learning

Published by EducationNews.org — We need to expose kids to the outdoors where they can play and learn naturally. “We’ve come to believe that being outside is not good for children’s health. Adults worry kids will catch cold, get sun-burned, bitten by a dog or tick, break a bone in an accident, become victims ofContinue reading “Let Kids Outside for Long-Lasting Learning”