Online Interactions Are Cultivating Anti-Social Boys

Published by — How do we help a kid whose social life is mainly with his screens? The boy shrugs off a question for maybe the 10th time that afternoon.  He seems incapable of simple human interaction.  Mom tries to talk for him as he wriggles and writhes at the table in her impeccable kitchen.  No, she’sContinue reading “Online Interactions Are Cultivating Anti-Social Boys”

Restore Kindergarten to Boost Social Skills

Published by — What’s most fun for young kids is also what best prepares them for success.  So why are schools eliminating playtime? Picture wriggly, shrieky, busy 5-year-olds exploring the kindergarten play yard’s treasures.  The sandbox brims with budding builders, diggers, landscape designers.  Some kids need mostly to run and scream.  Others settle intoContinue reading “Restore Kindergarten to Boost Social Skills”

Time, the Most Valuable Currency in the School Day

Published by — Setting aside downtime helps nurture the skills that let kids be successful. Last week we marveled over what the International Charter School (ICS) in Pawtucket, RI could do by investing one minute of class time here and there with “energizers.”  But while a one-minute pick-me-up freshens kids’ ability to learn, what on earth wouldContinue reading “Time, the Most Valuable Currency in the School Day”

Thank Good Mothers for Licking Their Little Rats

Published by —  On Mother’s Day, let us heartily commend those profoundly affectionate moms, who don’t hover, but do console. When a character flaw appears in ourselves or others, our instinct is to blame Mom.  I know that’s my own boys’ working theory.  But, as it turns out, hard science is on their side. ResearchersContinue reading “Thank Good Mothers for Licking Their Little Rats”

Julia Steiny: Children Learn Social Skills at Thanksgiving

Pulbished — Thanksgiving is an opportunity not just to exercise table manners with kids, but also to help them realize the sometimes surprising depth in people around them. Regular family dinners in my childhood home were the training ground for displaying our good manners at the Thanksgiving marathon. And Thanksgiving trained us for theContinue reading “Julia Steiny: Children Learn Social Skills at Thanksgiving”