Seniority and Tenure, the Absence of Human Decision-Making

Published by —  The only big surprise regarding the Vergara v. California decision is that it took so long. I first read a teachers contract 20-ish years ago.  A group of parents who were furious about their kids’ schooling had organized an advocacy group.  Of its several subcommittees, I joined the one examining the contract. Continue reading “Seniority and Tenure, the Absence of Human Decision-Making”

A Union Giant Converts to School Reform

Published by —  Los Angeles union-man AJ Duffy’s conversion to school reform and charter school warrior means seniority and protectionism have lost. Game over: Hiring teachers by seniority lost big. Protecting incompetent teachers also went down in defeat. The story is a jaw-dropper: Last July, term limits forced A.J. Duffy to step down asContinue reading “A Union Giant Converts to School Reform”