Unintended Segregation in Schools of Last Resort

Published by EducationNews.org — Charter schools can be great for the kids who get in, but what about the kids who don’t? An odd clatter of wheelchairs and colorful walking supports accompanies a little convoy of physically-challenged middle-school students heading to lunch.  Blind kids find their way using sticks with tennis balls on the end.  Others, quiteContinue reading “Unintended Segregation in Schools of Last Resort”

The Diverse Schools Dilemma

Published by EducationNews.org Michael Petrilli’s second son wasn’t even born when he was deep into researching where to send his boys to school.  But you know how the zealotry of parenthood can change a man.  He tells his personal story, peppered with much research, in a short, engaging new book The Diverse Schools Dilemma – A Parent’sContinue reading “The Diverse Schools Dilemma”