New Year’s Resolution: Take the Time to Restore Kids’ Lives

Published by — Do we leave problems to fester, or do we put in the effort, unpack the problem and come up with answers? A few years ago a kid we’ll call Leon transferred from a big urban district to the small, even poorer district where I consult on restorative practices.  As a 7th grader, Leon was smallContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution: Take the Time to Restore Kids’ Lives”

Chronic Absenteeism Reveals and Causes Problems

Published by — If kids aren’t at school, all of the school’s other efforts just don’t matter. If a kid’s not listening, she’s not learning. If the kid’s not even in school, she’s certainly not listening. Showing up every day and on time are skills absolutely necessary to success, especially at the entry level ofContinue reading “Chronic Absenteeism Reveals and Causes Problems”