Without Strong Communities, Schools Will Fail

Published by EducationNews.org — Chaotic families can wreck their kids’ lives despite a school’s best efforts.  So what can rescue the family? In the world of school reform, there are two ways of thinking about kids’ families and backgrounds.  A 2013 movie called In The Hive shows why we need a third. Approach #1: Focus allContinue reading “Without Strong Communities, Schools Will Fail”

Michelle Rhee Throws Gas On Ed Reform Hostilities

Published by EducationNews.org The ever-controversial Michelle Rhee and her organization Students First have issued a State Policy Report Card, grading states’ reform policies.  Almost all the states got either a “D” or an “F.”  Dummies. As the Chancellor of the D.C. schools, Rhee posed for the 2008 cover of Time Magazine looking witchy with a broom, symbolizing her efforts toContinue reading “Michelle Rhee Throws Gas On Ed Reform Hostilities”

A Struggling Urban School District Turns to Charters for Help

Published By EducationNews.org — In an unusual move, the Providence School District invites charters in to pitch their strategies. The windowless basement meeting room buzzed with excited, nervous chatter.  Rival schools were about to sit down to get to know one another, rather intimately. Nine schools in the Providence School District have agreed to consider converting to charterContinue reading “A Struggling Urban School District Turns to Charters for Help”