The First School District to Put Itself Out of Business

Published by — Nowhere in America has a school system leaped forward so fast.  Apparently, it takes a hurricane to inspire that much responsiveness to kids. In 2003, Louisiana’s state department of education created the Recovery School District (RSD).  New Orleans’s schools were among the worst in the country, so the state asked the RSDContinue reading “The First School District to Put Itself Out of Business”

Determined Parents Start A School For Atypical Kids

Published by — The schools available to these parents’ kids were maddeningly non-responsive. Dr. Amy Pratt looks me dead in the eye when she says, “The Greene Charter School would not exist if it weren’t for me and the parents.”  Christa Andrews, another co-founding-Board member of Greene, looks a little exhausted from it all, butContinue reading “Determined Parents Start A School For Atypical Kids”

Get Creative with Private School Vouchers

Published by —   Invite more private and parochial schools into the public-school fold by giving them charter-like status and accountability. Surely the worst part of the recent Chicago Teachers strike is the ravaged landscape such battles leave behind. Both sides in Chicago were fighting for stupid, last-century ideas like protecting seniority (union) andContinue reading “Get Creative with Private School Vouchers”