To End School-to-Prison Pipeline, Focus on Mental Health

Published by —  We’re such a punitive culture, we don’t even look for alternatives to driving them insane, knowingly. God knows what possessed me, but instead of multi-tasking I stayed glued to every hideous moment of PBS’s Solitary Nation.  The Warden of Maine State Prison, Rodney Bouffard, so questions the practice of solitary confinement thatContinue reading “To End School-to-Prison Pipeline, Focus on Mental Health”

What Is International Restorative Justice Week?

Published by — The U.S. is lagging the developed world on this issue. Internationally, the Restorative Justice community set aside November 17-24 to celebrate the power of Restoration.  Of the many sites offering resources on this topic, I recommend Canada’s, for a start. But what is Restorative Justice? Well, crudely, it’s an alternative to the justiceContinue reading “What Is International Restorative Justice Week?”