How Dominic Barter Developed Restorative Justice in Brazil

Published by — “How do you sit with people in their pain, without producing solutions, without brainstorming?” Decades ago, Dominic Barter fell for a beautiful Brazilian.  He’s English; they met in Europe.  Alas, in time she had to return home. They could only afford one phone call a month.  But after about 6 months, theyContinue reading “How Dominic Barter Developed Restorative Justice in Brazil”

‘Circles of Support,’ Socialization Reduce Sex Offender Recidivism

Published by — People who have social support do well.  People who don’t, don’t.  Period. For most of his career, Dr. Robin Wilson, Ph.D. lied about his profession when asked socially.  He’d say he was an accountant, a pilot, a businessman.  It was easier that way.  Then he decided to man up.  Actually, he’s aContinue reading “‘Circles of Support,’ Socialization Reduce Sex Offender Recidivism”

A Fabulous Question Rescues a Teen’s Life

Published by — Restoration needs a caring community to help offenders see the hurt and wretchedness they’ve inflicted on others. At the ripe old age of 13, the girl had already spent a couple of years being prostituted by her mother and taking all manner of drugs, thanks to Mom and the johns.  Nice, huh? Continue reading “A Fabulous Question Rescues a Teen’s Life”