Bad Parenting Diseases Spread to Social Services

Published by — Healthy autonomy is not learned in a day.  Parents need to start early. For years I cringed, watching my brother-in-law drive my super-athletic niece to her elementary school.  It was three blocks away, in safe, famously affluent Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside of D.C..  Not so long ago, kids walked to school. Continue reading “Bad Parenting Diseases Spread to Social Services”

Eliminating Risks for Kids Kills Important Learning

Published by  — We aren’t doing kids any favors by protecting them from everything.  Kids need appropriate risk in their play. Recently I was commiserating with one of my favorite colleagues, a woman whose job smushes her face daily in the unfortunate habits of modern parenting.  We regularly exchange solutions, possible partners, and books thatContinue reading “Eliminating Risks for Kids Kills Important Learning”