The Long Overdue Death of 19th-Century Education

Published by — If all the information is becoming accessible on-line, let’s shift the balance to helping kids acquire skills. The recent Greg Whiteley film Most Likely to Succeed looks deeply into the workings of a school that has turned its back on traditional education.  Gone are the rows of desks, the “cells and bells” (the prison ofContinue reading “The Long Overdue Death of 19th-Century Education”

Graduating From High School With Great Work Habits

Published by — At this school students take ownership of their behavior as well as their learning. “Aaaaah, someone let the chickens out.” Melissa Hall, Vice Principal of Greene Charter School in W. Greenwich, RI, has been keeping an eye out the window behind her desk while she and others were answering my questions.  AContinue reading “Graduating From High School With Great Work Habits”

Expeditionary Learning – Journeying Through Compelling Content

Published by — Expeditionary Learning is a project-based educational approach that takes students on intellectual voyages. Open since 2010, Greene Charter School in West Greenwich, RI, is one of a network of a large and growing network of “Expeditionary Learning” (EL) schools. “Expeditionary learning” sounds deliciously exotic, like maybe what Marco Polo was doing or Dr. Livingston onContinue reading “Expeditionary Learning – Journeying Through Compelling Content”

Economy Tells Youth to Make Their Own Jobs

Published by — Project Breaker uses building a social-venture business as the center of their learning experience. “School is often divorced from the real world. And Millennials believe they have to follow their passions, so they’re very frustrated. So how do we help kids create value (paid work) by learning the skills they need inContinue reading “Economy Tells Youth to Make Their Own Jobs”

Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans

Published by — For far too long, project-based or “constructivist” learning has been at war with the “drill-and-kill” focus on building skills first.  A balance is best. Five high-school seniors cluster behind a pillar in a lecture hall at Rhode Island College.  Behind them is a movie-sized screen, and in front looms a modest but intimidating stadiumContinue reading “Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans”