It Takes Guts To Depict A Healthy, Happy Childhood

Published by — This film’s 1950s vision of heaven for children’s play is as relevant today as it was when it was made. Medieval storytellers and play-masters always faced the huge problem that Evil was so much more fun to portray than Good.  Devils often made their entrance from the back of the audience,Continue reading “It Takes Guts To Depict A Healthy, Happy Childhood”

School Recess Is Good For Kids’ Mental Health

Published by — Pediatricians, among others, believe that recess has a critical role in the school day. Three years ago, prior to enrolling her son in the middle school, Phyllis Penhallow often had reason to be at the school just as lunch was over. “I’d pull up, park, and the doors to the cafeteriaContinue reading “School Recess Is Good For Kids’ Mental Health”