The Importance of Having a Father

Published by Cool-headed, rational Rob DeBlois, Director of the Urban Collaborative Accelerated Project (UCAP), once had to get this haunting story off his mind: A UCAP social-studies teacher gave students a crime scenario, and divided them into groups to determine who was guilty and why.  Students get into UCAP’s alternative program if they shouldContinue reading “The Importance of Having a Father”

Every Kid Wants a Dad in His or Her Life

Published by — This Father’s Day remember that dads and men are critical in every child’s life. Happy Fathers Day.Let me thank and honor you guys for whatever you do for your kids.  Hopefully you’re bringing home some bacon, doing your bit with the housework, and collaborating with your church, club, or community to organizeContinue reading “Every Kid Wants a Dad in His or Her Life”