The Diverse Schools Dilemma

Published by Michael Petrilli’s second son wasn’t even born when he was deep into researching where to send his boys to school.  But you know how the zealotry of parenthood can change a man.  He tells his personal story, peppered with much research, in a short, engaging new book The Diverse Schools Dilemma – A Parent’sContinue reading “The Diverse Schools Dilemma”

The Moral Dilemma of Teaching Submissive Habits to Poor Kids

Published by — “No-excuses” schools get great test results, but at what cost? I’m standing in the play area of a “no-excuses” school with its Director and his energetic young Principal.  The kids have been sprung momentarily from their super-structured environment and are shrieking and bouncing around like other kids would.  I’m relieved theyContinue reading “The Moral Dilemma of Teaching Submissive Habits to Poor Kids”