The Beauty Of Helping People Feel They’ve Been Heard

Published by — Part 3 of 5 on Leeds’ efforts to become a Child-Friendly City (Part 1, Part 2) In 2005, when Nigel Richardson became their Director of Children’s Services, the city of Hull was sometimes called “the Detroit of England.”  Hull sits on the big gash of a river, the Humbert, that cuts towardsContinue reading “The Beauty Of Helping People Feel They’ve Been Heard”

Healthy Families Spawn Healthy Economic Conditions

Published by — Part 1 of 5 on the efforts of Leeds, UK to become a Child-Friendly City. If a municipality or state got really serious about investing in the health and welfare of their kids, wouldn’t the economy also get healthier? I don’t mean political blah-blahing about “the children are our future.”  I’ll screamContinue reading “Healthy Families Spawn Healthy Economic Conditions”