Rhode Island Legislates Low Expectations

Published by EducationsNews.org — You would think the RI Legislature would be knocking itself out to back workforce development… but no. Currently, Rhode Island has the highest unemployment in the nation.  As unemployment was falling nationally, RI stayed high even as train-wreck states like Michigan (with the near demise of the auto industry) and NevadaContinue reading “Rhode Island Legislates Low Expectations”

Common Core Math Expectations Are Only A Baseline

Published by EducationNews.org — There’s surprisingly little controversy over the meaning of “college-ready math.”  Ready for which college? We’re going to discuss Common Core today, so take a chill pill.  I’m not saying CC presents nothing to be upset about, but getting upset just clouds clear thinking. CC is by no means perfect, but it’s notContinue reading “Common Core Math Expectations Are Only A Baseline”

Students Can Take More Responsibility for Success on State Tests

Published by EducationNews.org — Test scores go up when the results make a difference to the kids.  Otherwise many won’t takes tests seriously. Until the year 2000 I adamantly opposed “high-stakes” state testing, where failure would cost a kid a diploma.  Why penalize kids for what the schools failed to do? But that year, inContinue reading “Students Can Take More Responsibility for Success on State Tests”