Common Core Math Expectations Are Only A Baseline

Published by — There’s surprisingly little controversy over the meaning of “college-ready math.”  Ready for which college? We’re going to discuss Common Core today, so take a chill pill.  I’m not saying CC presents nothing to be upset about, but getting upset just clouds clear thinking. CC is by no means perfect, but it’s notContinue reading “Common Core Math Expectations Are Only A Baseline”

Teach Real Algebra Instead of Wasting Time with Fun Apps

Published by — “The student-engagement bandwagon has gone too far.” Emmanuel Schanzer majored in Computer-Science at Cornell University.  With such a high-value degree, he knew he could sail into a lucrative, snazzy job.  But he was keenly aware that he was a C.S. hotshot (my word) because he’d entered college with good math skills alreadyContinue reading “Teach Real Algebra Instead of Wasting Time with Fun Apps”

In US Schools, ‘Incorrect Answers are Un-American’

PPublished by — Methods are about HOW to solve problems, not solving problems themselves. Back in the 1990s, circumstances so maddened Dr. Matthias Felleisen, he felt forced to create Program by Design (PxD) to bring life back to computer science and algebra, both. Since then, thousands of students have used it to learn the elementsContinue reading “In US Schools, ‘Incorrect Answers are Un-American’”

Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans

Published by — For far too long, project-based or “constructivist” learning has been at war with the “drill-and-kill” focus on building skills first.  A balance is best. Five high-school seniors cluster behind a pillar in a lecture hall at Rhode Island College.  Behind them is a movie-sized screen, and in front looms a modest but intimidating stadiumContinue reading “Math-Haters Love Crunching Numbers for Business Plans”

Algebra Can Be Taught as Basic Software Programming

Published by— Creative approaches to algebra — like using computer science and technology — can help improve math education outcomes.   Recently, in the New York Times opinion section, Professor Andrew Hacker asked, Is Algebra Necessary? Surely he knew the educated, newspaper-reading public would revile him for such heresy.  He states obvious truths, however.  Algebra, andContinue reading “Algebra Can Be Taught as Basic Software Programming”