Juvenile Justice and Restorative Conferencing

On The Law Matters with Municipal Judge David Bazar and Deb Morais, Julia discusses YRP’s Restorative Conferencing program in Rhode Island schools, and how this approach could bring new resources to the State’s juvenile justice system. We all agree that the focus of the justice system should be on “rehabilitation”, especially for young offenders. But that meansContinue reading “Juvenile Justice and Restorative Conferencing”

Treat Juvenile Crime as a Mental and Social Disease

Published by EducationNews.org — Change the way we’re having this conversation.  Focus on the crime as a symptom. Crime among juveniles is a symptom of a problem.  Our system doesn’t question the root cause of the issue, but asks instead:  Is the kid guilty or innocent?  If guilty, what’s the punishment? As a result, this scenarioContinue reading “Treat Juvenile Crime as a Mental and Social Disease”