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The Most Educational Toys are Completely Free, Or Mostly

Published by — The best, most educational toys don’t always need to plug in, have a micro-processor or cost a fortune. “IT CAME FROM THE MAIL ROOM,” BY FLICKR USER LAST MARINER. USED UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE. Ah, the quiet week, the post-holiday pause. The gifts have been purchased, wrapped and unwrapped. The house is […]

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A Social Studies Project Lets Us Peek Through Windows into 3rd Grade Lives

Published by — At the International Charter School, in Pawtucket, RI, teachers and an artist help third grade students document their culture and lives using photographs. The all-purpose room at International Charter School (ICS) crackles with excitement. Along the walls are the final exhibitions for “Documenting Cultural Communities,” an annual third-grade social studies project. Each child has […]

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Nixing Managed Risk of Childhood Play Produces Wimps

Published by — Eliminating ‘managed risk’ from normal childhood play does a disservice to kids by sequestering them from life’s normal ups and downs. When I was maybe, like 7 years old, I accidently broke Bill Kelly’s leg. I’m guessing he was 12, maybe 13. Three doors down from ours, the Kelly’s house teemed with […]

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