Recidivism is Expensive, Let’s Try Something Else

Published by — Trying to punish people into compliance costs a lot, and more importantly, doesn’t work. This is our third look at how Judge Pamela Williams, in her mental health court in Nova Scotia, successfully kept offenders from further contact with police, courts, and jail.  Using the CoSA model — see last week’s column — sheContinue reading “Recidivism is Expensive, Let’s Try Something Else”

Reducing Recidivism Requires Strong Political Will

Published by — The challenge is to keep offenders from just cycling through traditional systems that don’t work. Back in the 1990s a Mennonite minister, Harry Nigh, developed a protocol for radically reducing recidivism among sex offenders.  The common assumption to this day — probably even yours — is that nothing can be done aboutContinue reading “Reducing Recidivism Requires Strong Political Will”

The Justice System Can’t Ignore Mental Health

Published by — We need to understand each other’s stories for justice to get done. Chief Judge Pamela Williams, Provincial and Family Courts of Nova Scotia A woman we’ll call Jane embezzled money from her company. She’d been feeding a nasty gambling habit and her boss figured it out.  She was arrested, jailed, and woundContinue reading “The Justice System Can’t Ignore Mental Health”