Puberty, The Elephant in the Middle School Classroom

Published by — Early adolescents are roiling in a whitewater transition, but the ed industry isn’t talking about it. In 1989, a Carnegie Foundation report dared to boldly go where every man has gone before, but had hoped to forget — puberty. Turning Points was a rare exploration of those morphing from little kid intoContinue reading “Puberty, The Elephant in the Middle School Classroom”

Put Kids’ Mental Health at the Center of Education

Published by — Kids’ mental health is at least as important as their physical health. For me, it’s all about mental health.  And by “it,” I mean improving education, and a thousand other aspects of kids’ lives. What does a kid learn with?  Well, that would be her brain.  And if you’re thinking thatContinue reading “Put Kids’ Mental Health at the Center of Education”