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How Governments Abuse and Neglect Kids

Published by — Once again, adults battling to force cutbacks in charter schools are ignoring what’s best for students. When still young and blissfully naive, I was appointed to the Providence School Board.  I was sure my clever, well-informed interview with the outgoing Mayor had knocked it out of the park.  I later discovered I […]

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A Small Gesture Toward Spreading Higher Ed Wealth

Published by — As the richest universities get richer, taxpayers subsidize the inequity Consider for a moment that almost 90 colleges and universities have endowments of a billion – that’s with a “B” — dollars or more. At 5% interest, a billion earns $50 million a year. Harvard, of course, is the big winner at nearly $37 […]

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Get Creative with Private School Vouchers

Published by —   Invite more private and parochial schools into the public-school fold by giving them charter-like status and accountability. Surely the worst part of the recent Chicago Teachers strike is the ravaged landscape such battles leave behind. Both sides in Chicago were fighting for stupid, last-century ideas like protecting seniority (union) and […]

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