Without Strong Communities, Schools Will Fail

Published by EducationNews.org — Chaotic families can wreck their kids’ lives despite a school’s best efforts.  So what can rescue the family? In the world of school reform, there are two ways of thinking about kids’ families and backgrounds.  A 2013 movie called In The Hive shows why we need a third. Approach #1: Focus allContinue reading “Without Strong Communities, Schools Will Fail”

Christmas Is About Belonging to the ‘We of Me’

Published by EducationNews.org — Sadly, in our fragmented society, adults often find families optional.  Not the kids. In one of my favorite plays, Carson McCullers’ Member of the Wedding, 12-year-old Frankie is frantic with loneliness.  She calls herself “unjoined.”  Her mother died in her childbirth; her father has little attention for her.  She craves membershipContinue reading “Christmas Is About Belonging to the ‘We of Me’”