To End School-to-Prison Pipeline, Focus on Mental Health

Published by —  We’re such a punitive culture, we don’t even look for alternatives to driving them insane, knowingly. God knows what possessed me, but instead of multi-tasking I stayed glued to every hideous moment of PBS’s Solitary Nation.  The Warden of Maine State Prison, Rodney Bouffard, so questions the practice of solitary confinement thatContinue reading “To End School-to-Prison Pipeline, Focus on Mental Health”

The Educational Use and Abuse of Shame

Published by — Conscience isn’t innate.  We learn it. Shame.  A feeling we all hate.  A subject we avoid.  Our faces flush when we can suddenly see ourselves being the sort of person even we don’t like.  Guilt is also unpleasant, with regret and remorse about something we did, a hurtful action.  Shame is “IContinue reading “The Educational Use and Abuse of Shame”

Our Punitive Mindset Blinds us to Effective Discipline

Published by — President Obama’s Executive Order — White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans — deserves a good, hard look. Dear President Obama,Millions of us are encouraged by your demand that schools reduce suspensions for black males. No research shows that suspensions teach kids the social skills they need to keep themContinue reading “Our Punitive Mindset Blinds us to Effective Discipline”