Toys ‘R’ Us Uses Kids to Push Their Products

Published by — The toy corporations mocks environmental education to make a profit. Here’s a painfully-clear portrait of our post-moral culture: A recently-released advertisement uses real kids, not actors, to deliver the message that Nature is deadly dull and that over-priced, made-in-Elsewhere consumerist toys bring true joy. The kick-off to Toys”R”Us’ holiday season isContinue reading “Toys ‘R’ Us Uses Kids to Push Their Products”

Great Communities Are Healthy and Healing Places

Published by — “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This year’s theme for the recent Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference was “Healthy and Healing Places.” Dr. Richard Jackson was their on-point keynote speaker. A pediatrician and Master of Public Health, Jackson has worked to improve public health by tackling underlying conditions of illContinue reading “Great Communities Are Healthy and Healing Places”