Tech Teacher Wins New York City’s Startup Weekend Edu

Published by — The story of a social-studies teacher’s meteoric rise through the EdTech world. Dawn Casey-Rowe (far left) and her team won Startup Weekend Edu with their business BetaMatch. Social studies teacher Dawn Casey-Rowe has a power plant’s energy packed into a petite frame.  Her students at Davies vocational school come for the hands-on learningContinue reading “Tech Teacher Wins New York City’s Startup Weekend Edu”

The Jury’s In, Screen Time Hurts Little Kids

Published by — A recent report shows how extensive screen time is linked to a host of problems for children including childhood obesity, sleep disturbance, and learning, attention, and social problems. I study kids and families when I’m out in public, and recently observed this crazy-making family: Dad pushed a double stroller with aContinue reading “The Jury’s In, Screen Time Hurts Little Kids”

Ed Tech Ignorance Wastes Millions Each Year

Published by — Education-technology leader Angela Maiers talks about the promise and future of ed tech — and how we integrate it into our classrooms. Self-described Ed Tech expert Angela Maiers just returned from a 3-day authorspeak Conferencein Indianapolis. In total, ninety-nine education-related authors gathered to hear innovation-expert Daniel Pink give the keynote. They brokeContinue reading “Ed Tech Ignorance Wastes Millions Each Year”