Unplugged Elementary Kids and Online Tests Don’t Mix

Published by EducationNews.org — Children need a childhood first, technology much later. Recently I was at a luncheon where a Mom and Grandma minded their two-year-old by plugging him into a propped-up iPad and putting food at his right hand.  He remained inert unless the iPad fell flat or snacks ran out.  But twice in theContinue reading “Unplugged Elementary Kids and Online Tests Don’t Mix”

Digital Badges Bust Out of School-Defined Learning

Published by EducationNews.org — “A badge is a verified, data-rich product, better than a resume.” Damian Ewens sits in his snazzy office at BetaSpring, a Providence business incubator.  He’s mother hen to Achievery, a business that provides a platform for building “digital badge” systems. And they are?  Well, they’re basically a high-tech version of Boy ScoutContinue reading “Digital Badges Bust Out of School-Defined Learning”

Most Kids Way Ahead of Us as Digital Learners, for Better and Worse

Published by EducationNews.org.  —  Adults need to encourage kids to use the promise of technology to tackle tough problems — just like an adult would. An Associated Press piece about the 14 million Americans who’ve been searching vainly for jobs profiled Jon, a warehouse worker unemployed since 2008. Apparently employers even in that seemingly-low-tech fieldContinue reading “Most Kids Way Ahead of Us as Digital Learners, for Better and Worse”