At Last! A Review of Research on Restorative Justice In Schools

Published by — Early studies of RJ programs in the US show their impact in reducing suspensions and harmful behavior. Local Restorative Practices/Restorative Justice (RP/RJ) initiatives have been starving for research on America’s efforts to implement programs.  The large body of evidence showing the ineffectiveness of punishment doesn’t seem to make an adequately compelling argument for supporting Restoration.  AndContinue reading “At Last! A Review of Research on Restorative Justice In Schools”

Restore Kindergarten to Boost Social Skills

Published by — What’s most fun for young kids is also what best prepares them for success.  So why are schools eliminating playtime? Picture wriggly, shrieky, busy 5-year-olds exploring the kindergarten play yard’s treasures.  The sandbox brims with budding builders, diggers, landscape designers.  Some kids need mostly to run and scream.  Others settle intoContinue reading “Restore Kindergarten to Boost Social Skills”

What Does a Flourishing, Healthy, Competent Kid Look Like?

Published by — Child Trends is working on a new project to track positive trends among children and youth. Child Trends has started a “Flourishing Child Project.” Ironically, Child Trends (CT) has long been among my most reliable sources of data about the state of American kids, almost all of which is depressingly negative.  TheirContinue reading “What Does a Flourishing, Healthy, Competent Kid Look Like?”