Trauma and the Growing Number of Hard-to-Manage Kids

Published by — Kids with a significant history of trauma get a reputation for being bad kids, which only makes things worse. Today we’re at a training in Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Adolescents.  Hosted by Bradley Hospital, the oldest pediatric mental-health facility in the country, our teacher is Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD.  The hostsContinue reading “Trauma and the Growing Number of Hard-to-Manage Kids”

Teaching Kids To Manage Their Own Behavior

Published by —  Asking sincerely curious questions about their motives and choices puts the onus on the kids to do some actual thinking. Being held after school for a little straightening out are ten 6th-graders who were involved in one of two incidents.  Three girls were so compulsively talking with each other, they had to beContinue reading “Teaching Kids To Manage Their Own Behavior”

Juvenile Prison Stats Reveal American Attitudes Towards Kids

Published by — America’s contempt towards kids who do bad things is unique, internationally. There is no alternative universe where bad kids go and get better.  Period.  Such a place does not exist. Mind you, it’s insane to tolerate classroom or school disruptions, never mind criminal activity among children and youth.  A kid wasting aContinue reading “Juvenile Prison Stats Reveal American Attitudes Towards Kids”

The Diverse Schools Dilemma

Published by Michael Petrilli’s second son wasn’t even born when he was deep into researching where to send his boys to school.  But you know how the zealotry of parenthood can change a man.  He tells his personal story, peppered with much research, in a short, engaging new book The Diverse Schools Dilemma – A Parent’sContinue reading “The Diverse Schools Dilemma”

Is Trauma the Root Cause of Major Misbehavior?

Pulbished by — Children endure several different types of trauma, and how we respond has an effect on how students behave in the short and long term. At a recent conference, nearly 600 attendees learned painful lessons about trauma’s effect on the young, developing brain. Dr. James Greer, psychiatrist and Clinical Professor at Brown MedicalContinue reading “Is Trauma the Root Cause of Major Misbehavior?”