Tech Teacher Wins New York City’s Startup Weekend Edu

Published by — The story of a social-studies teacher’s meteoric rise through the EdTech world. Dawn Casey-Rowe (far left) and her team won Startup Weekend Edu with their business BetaMatch. Social studies teacher Dawn Casey-Rowe has a power plant’s energy packed into a petite frame.  Her students at Davies vocational school come for the hands-on learningContinue reading “Tech Teacher Wins New York City’s Startup Weekend Edu”

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Science

Pubished by During their sophomore year, biology students at William M. Davies Career & Technical Center fan out in teams to swab things all over the school. They’re on a quest to address this question:  Since schools are breeding grounds for disease, exactly where would you be most likely to find pathogens, the infectious agents alsoContinue reading “Inquiring Minds Want To Know Science”