College Campus Discipline That Works

Published by — Revenge may be satisfying, but it rarely leads to positive change. Here’s a clear, real-life illustration of the use of Restorative Justice (RJ).  Skidmore professor David Karp tells the story of how the college handled two virtually identical incidents before and after the implementation of a RJ campus discipline system.  Karp literallyContinue reading “College Campus Discipline That Works”

Communities Create Their Own Safety; Police Only Help

Published by — We can fall into the habit of thinking the responsibility for certain problems belongs to someone else. David Karp, who directs Skidmore College’s Project on Restorative Justice, tells this story:  Some time ago, a student, whom we’ll call Sarah, came to class one day visibly upset.  She’d been “harmed,” in the language ofContinue reading “Communities Create Their Own Safety; Police Only Help”