Restorative Justice Concludes Ugly Dalhousie Facebook Scandal

Published by — Lessons learned, when Dalhousie University gave victims the opportunity to face their offenders and decide the consequences. The nasty social-media scandal caused by male 4th year students at the Dalhousie University Dental School has resolved.  Victims, offenders and relevant faculty participated in a restorative-justice (RJ) process for five painful months.  In conclusion, theyContinue reading “Restorative Justice Concludes Ugly Dalhousie Facebook Scandal”

Dalhousie, A University With the Guts To Teach

Published by — Restorative Justice has been tried, honed, and is now mature enough to weather the media onslaught. Our story takes place at top-ranked Dalhousie University in Canada.  A bunch of bad-boy dentistry students, in their 4th and last year of training, used an invitation-only Facebook page as their online men’s locker room.  InterspersedContinue reading “Dalhousie, A University With the Guts To Teach”