The 2015 Revival of America’s Can-Do Spirit

Published by — In 2015, let’s consider policies, decisions, architecture, whatever, in terms of whether or not they’re good for kids. A “can-do” spirit seems as fundamentally American as Mom and apple pie.  “Can do” has a super-encouraging tone of voice, the kind that kindergarten teachers use, or my mother when she assured us thatContinue reading “The 2015 Revival of America’s Can-Do Spirit”

A Fabulous Question Rescues a Teen’s Life

Published by — Restoration needs a caring community to help offenders see the hurt and wretchedness they’ve inflicted on others. At the ripe old age of 13, the girl had already spent a couple of years being prostituted by her mother and taking all manner of drugs, thanks to Mom and the johns.  Nice, huh? Continue reading “A Fabulous Question Rescues a Teen’s Life”