The Man Who Made Algebra Child’s Play

Published by — Dr. Henry Borenson wants kids not just to know algebra, but to like it. Dr. Henry Borenson began his career as a math teacher at Stuyvesant High School in New York City.  Like Boston Latin, Stuyvesant uses an exam to cream the best public-school students.  For those smartie pantses, algebra wasContinue reading “The Man Who Made Algebra Child’s Play”

5th Graders Having a Blast with Algebra

Published by —  Making algebraic variables child’s play I was forewarned, but still, it was a lovely surprise to spend a solid hour with a class of students constantly popping off with “I got it!”  And “Ooooohhhhh!”  And “I see!” These yelps of satisfaction sound just like the ones you hear from boys playing videoContinue reading “5th Graders Having a Blast with Algebra”