Students Curb Classroom Misbehavior with ‘Shirt of Shame’

Published by — What can happen when a group makes up its own rules and consequences. At the beginning of this school year, chemistry teacher Brandon Haggerty facilitated a negotiation among his “Crew” students to agree on group norms for themselves.  Haggerty’s school, the Greene Charter School in rural, leafy Exeter, RI, is an Expeditionary Learning schoolContinue reading “Students Curb Classroom Misbehavior with ‘Shirt of Shame’”

Punishment is Not Accountability

Published by — Being forced to think twice is how we change behavior and develop a conscience. Webster’s Dictionary defines accountability as “The state of being liable to answer for one’s conduct.”  Everyone needs to be able to give an account for their actions at times.  In fact, they should expect to do so whenContinue reading “Punishment is Not Accountability”