Julia’s column will return June 1

Welcome!  Forgive me, but my new public presence is under construction.  All the links don’t yet work.  Some text is out of date.  Hey, this is a brave new world for me.  But!  I’m mapping out a strategy for freshening up the scope of my column, which will start to appear soon on EducationNews.org, probably on Wednesdays.  I’ll put a link here.  And I’ll post at least one other piece during the week.  If you’re interested in me answering questions, please use the AskJulia e-mail address and let me know if you want me to use your name or not.  Obviously I’ll decide what to answer and what to ignore.  Suggestions and politic, constructive comments are most welcome.

4 thoughts on “Julia’s column will return June 1

  1. Julia,
    I found your website on EducationNews.Org. I’ll be watching to see what you write in the future!



    1. Hey, I’m so new to this, I only just saw your comment. Subscribe!! Tell your friends. This fall I have to figure out how to re-build my audience. Pain in the tush. See you at church.

  2. Hi Julia

    Just read your article in EdNew. Fantastic. I look forward to reading more. I feel your pain about the website – just set ours up and the content takes so long!! Good luck with it all.

    Mel (Brisbane, Australia)

  3. I was wondering when you would enter the blog world. Congratulations! We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts about education and parenting. Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck, Jules,

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